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Sweat More Bundle | No Code Required

Sweat More Bundle | No Code Required

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Our BEST selling bundle! 

Bundle and save a MASSIVE 55% with the Sweat More bundle! (No coupon needed)

Our most popular products to date, the TC1 Sweat Ignition Workout Gel and Sweat Belt are the perfect duo to enhance every workout. Whether you’re doing an intense cardio or HIIT workout or simply going on a walk, our Sweat Gel and Belt will make you sweat more than ever before.

Sweat More Bundle Includes:

  • 6 oz. Jar of TC1 Sweat Ignition Workout Gel
  • TC1 Sweat Belt (choose Regular or Large Belt)
Sweat Ignition Workout Gel
TC1 Sweat Ignition Workout Gel works by creating a production of heat effect on the areas it is applied to. Your workout will be maximized as it increases the circulation of exercising muscles. Additionally, it accelerates the process of warming up and recovering. Exercising will be easier and quicker as a result, and aches, cramps, and muscle pulls will be reduced.
Time to rev up your workouts and take your performance to the next level!
· Improves circulation & sweating.
· Enhances muscle activity and thermogenesis during exercise.
· Accelerates warm-up and recovery time.
· Fights muscle fatigue and painful injuries
How Does It Work?
Target “problem areas” like the stomach, thigh, arms and legs. Besides boosting thermogenesis, TC1 Sweat Ignition Gel enhances calorie burn by insulating heat. Feel better about your workouts and gain self confidence. There has never been a better time to add this supplement to your workouts. Be confident after EVERY workout.
How to Use: Rub a small amount of Sweat Ignition Gel on your arms, legs, and stomach 20 minutes before your workout. Lock it in with our sweat belt. Start your thermogenic workout and feel the heat increase the more you move!

Sweat Belt
With neoprene design and adjustable Velcro closure, our Sweat Belts will stretch to fit all shapes and sizes. The Belt is very flexible and won’t limit your movement during exercises. Wipe clean with a damp cloth and hang to dry after each use. Do not machine wash.

Regular Belt – 41” long x 7.5” wide. Fits men’s and women’s sizes X-Small to X-Large.

Large belt – 10” wide x 51” long. Fits men and women sizes X-Large to XXX-Large.            

 The more you sweat the better you feel! 

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Customer Reviews

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Love this product not a person that usually sweat, but this product literally made me sweat as soon as I take off the belt you can see the water/sweat just dripping! I need to buy more!


Works great


It not what I expected that cream really don’t do anything but stick to my skin with the band. I can do cardio, work with it and nothing, very disappointed it


Love this!