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Sweat Ignition Workout Gel

Sweat Ignition Workout Gel

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Move More, Sweat More, Burn More.

As you naturally heat up from your workout TC1 Gel will activate, causing a heating sensation and more blood flow to the areas you applied it. There are a number of  benefits associated with this thermogenic effect during your workouts.

· Improves circulation & sweating.
· Enhances muscle activity and thermogenesis during exercise.
· Accelerates warm-up and recovery time.
· Fights muscle fatigue
· Reduce the possibility of painful injuries
· Ease sore muscle pain in your shoulders, legs, knees and elbows 
How Does It Work
Target “problem areas” like the stomach, thigh, arms and legs. Besides boosting thermogenesis, TC1 Sweat Ignition Gel enhances calorie burn by insulating heat. Feel better about your workouts and gain self confidence. There has never been a better time to add this supplement to your workouts. Be confident after EVERY workout.
How to Use: Rub a small amount of Sweat Ignition Gel on your arms, legs, and stomach 20 minutes before your workout. Lock it in with our sweat belt. Start your thermogenic workout and feel the heat increase the more you move!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 586 reviews

Increíble el como este gel hace sudar . Mi estómago se ha reducido bastante , son increíbles los resultados que he obtenido.




The best topical thermogenic I’ve ever tried! The heat keeps my muscles loose and pain free so I can push my workouts to the limits.

Joshua Gonzalez

I enjoy how this product helps me sweat, I still need to try the waist belt. This gel helps so much with just a bit of product.

Sherron Thomas

I have been using this product gracefully, with the seat belt. I am loving the results I just had to reorder. Best product yet🙌👍👍👍