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TC1 Premium Whey Isolate Protein: Elevate Your Nutrition

TC1 Premium Whey Isolate Protein: Elevate Your Nutrition

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TC1 Premium Whey Isolate Protein:

  • Perfect high-protein product for individuals seeking a healthy and nutritious supplement to standard diets.
  • Focuses on protein absorption, protein utilization and protein synthesis.
  • Tested for purity and potency and formulated using the highest quality materials available.
  • Tastes great and blends well.
  • 30 servings
  • 24g Protein
  • Vanilla or Cookies and Cream flavors
  • 2.17 lbs (960g) bag
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kelly Dolan

The cookies and cream is bomb! Best protein powder ever!!!


Okay… this one gets 5/5 stars from me! I freaking love this protein. It blends SO WELL with water only that I love to add it to my coffee as a creamer substitute! I can even make protein ice cream with it 🤣🍪 the cookies and cream is my favorite! Absolutely delicious- please try it! :)


COOKIES & CREAM!!! That is all I have to say. lol! SO dang good! Plus zero bloat/irritability which is always huge for me when it comes to dairy products. Luckily there is no lactose in their protein. Seriously, get your hands on that cookies & cream......

Jay Velazquez

The best protein! Normally whey protein makes me super bloated but this one doesn’t. It’s super light. Doesn’t have that chalky taste. I actually enjoy drinking it. I chose vanilla because I feel like it’s more versatile. It’s perfect if you’re looking for muscle growth and recovery. 10/10 recommend.