Why You Should Do HIIT?


The top reasons people lose motivation and eventually find themselves failing to get into a consistent training regime are that their workouts are:

  • Boring
  • Take too long
  • Aren’t effective

Regardless on your current fitness goal, we can all agree, no one wants to slave away their time in the gym doing monotonous workouts that deliver sub par results.

Before we discuss why HIIT training is highly effective and takes less time, let’s break down what HIIT actually is.

What is HIIT?

HIIT, shortened for High Intensity Interval Training, is simply performing exercises in a fashion that undulates between a high intensity period and a low intensity period.

Depending on your experience, training capacity, and ability to recover, this could look something like:

  • 30 seconds on followed by 60 seconds off
  • 60 seconds on followed by 90 seconds off
  • 10 seconds on followed by 20 seconds off

However you decide to structure your intervals, the key to properly executing fat burning workouts is to move between working at a high intensity followed by a period that allows your body to recover.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a race to see how tired you can get. Give yourself adequate time for your heart rate to drop without giving yourself too much time.

Make sense? Good. Now let’s talk effectiveness:

Does HIIT Burn More Fat?

While this aspect is still being explored, what we know is that incorporating HIIT training:

  • increases your metabolism
  • elevate growth hormone levels, which aids in fat loss,
  • decreases hunger, which can aid in dietary adherence

Would you really stay on your current training regime knowing you could be getting better results in less time?

Sustainability is key to fat loss. But let’s go a step further.. Minimize the amount of time needed to achieve your goal. This way you inherently minimize the amount of willpower needed to adhere to your approach.

There are far and few ‘shortcuts’ that can accelerate fat loss. Fortunately we know that HIIT is proven to be of one the select few that actually delivers its promise.

HIIT Takes Less Time

Arguably the greatest benefits of HIIT training is that you are able to reap the benefits out of small and short intervals.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, incorporating 20 to 25 minutes of intervals followed by 2 to 3 minutes of warm-down is going to be alot easier to crank out when in a time crunch.

Plus there’s the added benefit of knowing you can progressively make your intervals more challenging by increasing your work time or decreasing your recovery interval.

The Bottom Line

If your goal is to lose fat and stay efficient in your workouts, HIIT is the way to go

While you’ll have to stay honest with yourself on your intensity, you’ll find it easier and more enjoyable to go all out for 20-60 seconds followed by a guaranteed recovery interval.

If you are looking for an added boost to your workouts that is guaranteed to make you sweat more and improve mind muscle connection, and ultimately help accelerate your fat loss,  check out what our athletes are using to enhance their training.



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