TC1Gel Topical Pre-Workout was specifically designed to enhance your workouts by accelerating your warm-up and recovery time. TC1Gel will help by increasing your body temperature thus making you sweat more. Rub TC1Gel on those problem areas and feel the Capsaicin go to work. The more you work out the more you will feel the effects giving you more motivation to go longer and harder than you have ever gone before!

TC1 topical pre-workout gel formulation is our most advanced and complete pre-workout product on the market. Precision-engineered to give the ultimate topical pre workout performance advantage over the competition.

Turn Up Your
Body's Heat

See & Feel
the Sweat

Relax & Soothe
Your Muscles


Looking for a quick and easy, natural way to relieve pain? This potent gel doubles as a topical, non-drug, pain relief gel, soothing soreness and easing minor pain! Our expert blend features the natural ingredient Capsaicin, which stimulates the release of your body’s natural compounds involved in communicating pain between your nerves and spinal cord, and decreases the intensity of those pain signals in your body, providing nearly instant relief.

In addition to its benefits as a pre-workout gel, TC1 is a go-to post-workout, non-drug, pain reliever following an intense workout session.

We're proud of the fact that this TC1 Gel offers fast, effective, in-home results. We are confident that this is the best topical pre-workout gel available!


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